Joe Arpaio: Obama's birth certificate a forgery Delila James - Jan 12, 2018
Arpaio, 85, announced Tuesday that he is running to fill the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, who will be retiring at the end of his term.
Federal judge blocks Trump's move to end DACA Rick Docksai - Jan 12, 2018
A San Francisco judge temporarily halted President Trump's plan to let the DACA program expire in March. The judge's order received praise from California's attorney general and criticism from the White House.
Democratic senator defends release of Fusion GPS testimony Rick Docksai - Jan 12, 2018
Simpson himself had wanted the testimony disclosed, in which he told the Senate Judiciary Committee about his company's role in the Trump-Russia dossier that alleges Russia has damaging information about President Trump.
Judge dismisses charges against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and sons Delila James - Jan 10, 2018
Nevada's newly appointed acting U.S. Attorney said in a brief statement that she will decide whether to appeal the ruling.
Trump decision strips protections for 250,000 El Salvadoran refugees Delila James - Jan 10, 2018
Advocacy groups condemned the administration's decision, saying it is unnecessarily harsh and damaging to the U.S. and Salvadoran economies.
Colorado feds won't follow Sessions' lead on prosecuting marijuana Rick Docksai - Jan 10, 2018
Attorney-General Jeff Sessions gave federal attorneys the green light Thursday to prosecute marijuana activity even in states that have legalized it, but not all federal attorneys plan to comply.

Justice Department launches new investigation of Clinton Foundation

Rick Docksai - Jan 10, 2018
The 2016 elections are over, but federal investigations of Hillary Clinton are not. Law-enforcement officials said Thursday that the Department of Justice has re-opened formal inquiries into her email server and the Clinton Foundation's activities.

Bannon accuses Donald Trump Jr. of treason in new book

Rick Docksai - Jan 08, 2018
President Trump's former strategist Stephen Bannon blasted Donald Trump Jr. and colleagues' Trump Tower meeting with Russian contacts in an interview with author Michael Wolff.

North Korea calls South Korea on hotline for first time in two years

Rick Docksai - Jan 08, 2018
North Korea phoned South Korea over the bilateral "hotline" for the first time in two years Wednesday. The conversation follows expressed statements by both nations' leaders to improve tensions and despite increasingly bellicose rhetoric from the Trump administration over North Korea's nuclear-weapons program.

Border officials searched many more electronic devices in 2017

Delila James - Jan 08, 2018
Last year, 30,200 international travelers, including U.S. citizens, had their devices screened compared to 19,051 in 2016.
Corey Lewandowski hit with sexual assault complaint
Delila James - Dec 28, 2017
Singer Joy Villa claims Lewandowski slapped her twice on the butt while the two were posing for a picture.
As marijuana legalization gains ground, so do marijuana churches
Rick Docksai - Dec 27, 2017
Local lawmakers have been fighting these churches, but some scholars suggest that as states move to decriminalize or legalize marijuana, these churches and their legal standing may gain a stronger legal standing.
Christmas clemency: Gov. Jerry Brown grants pardons, commutes sentences
Delila James - Dec 27, 2017
In a move seen as defying the Trump administration, the governor granted pardons to two men about to be deported for committing crimes in the United States.
Trump's bid to bar transgender military recruits thwarted by federal court
Delila James - Dec 27, 2017
President Trump's attempt to prevent the U.S. military from accepting transgender recruits beginning Jan. 1 has been shot down by a federal appeals court in Virginia.
Demand for Obamacare stays strong despite roadblocks
Delila James - Dec 27, 2017
As of last Friday, more that 8.8 million people had signed up for 2018 coverage.
GOP will have to be more bipartisan, hold off on
Rick Docksai - Dec 26, 2017
McConnell also lashed out at former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, to whom he attached some blame for Republicans' loss in the recent Alabama special election.
AT&T lays off hundreds of employees after applauding tax-cut savings
Rick Docksai - Dec 26, 2017
AT&T will lay off around 600 employees in five states, effective January 4. A company statement said that the company is adapting to declining work demands and technology innovations.
Roy Moore remains in race while GOP cuts ties with him
Rick Docksai - Dec 24, 2017
The GOP's Senate campaign dropped its support for embattled Alabama candidate Roy Moore, adding to a list of high-profile Republicans and Republican groups that have denounced Moore over the sexual-abuse allegations that he is facing. Moore insists on staying in the race, however.
Tax bill passes Congress, goes to Trump for signature
Delila James - Dec 24, 2017
Polls show that only about a third of Americans have a favorable view of the tax bill.
Scarborough questions Trump's mental health
Delila James - Dec 24, 2017
Joe Scarborough, the co-host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," said on air Thursday morning that President Trump is in the early stages of dementia.
Two women join defamation suit against Bill O'Reilly, Fox News
Delila James - Dec 22, 2017
Six known settlements totaling about $45 million have been paid out to resolve sexual harassment allegations against O'Reilly.
Sarah Palin's son charged with domestic violence
Delila James - Dec 21, 2017
Track Palin is charged with first-degree burglary, fourth-degree assault, and criminal mischief.
Congress's federal-spending bill will include an Obamacare fix
Rick Docksai - Dec 21, 2017
A bipartisan measure to restore Obamacare's subsidies to health insurers will be part and parcel of a spending bill that Congress has to pass this week to keep the government from shutting down.
Trump's new rules on birth control blocked by federal judge
Delila James - Dec 19, 2017
A federal judge in Philadelphia rejected Trump administration changes to the Affordable Care Act, which would have allowed more employers to refuse to provide free contraception to women because of religious objections,
GOP shoots down House Democrats' requests to investigate harassment claims against Trump
Rick Docksai - Dec 15, 2017
Democratic lawmakers' requests for a House investigation into allegations that President Trump sexually harassed or sexually assaulted numerous women hit a dead end Wednesday.
Trump attacks Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in apparently sexist tweet
Delila James - Dec 15, 2017
Trump's attack on Sen. Gillibrand comes after she tweeted Monday night that he should resign due to the sexual misconduct allegations against him.
FCC will go through with net-neutrality repeal this week
Rick Docksai - Dec 14, 2017
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will go forward with a vote Thursday to repeal the net-neutrality rules that the FCC has enacted in 2015 for a free and open Internet.
EU sounds alarm over GOP tax plan
Rick Docksai - Dec 14, 2017
The GOP tax bill raised concerns among European finance ministers, who wrote to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to tell him that its trade-related provisions might impede transatlantic trade flows and could even violate WTO rules.
Rep. Trent Franks resigns amid surrogacy scandal
Delila James - Dec 14, 2017
One female staffer said Rep. Trent Franks repeatedly pressured her to carry his child, offering her $5 million to be a surrogate.
Federal judge blocks Trump's effort to ban transgender people from military
Delila James - Dec 13, 2017
Transgender people will be allowed to enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1, a federal judge ruled Monday.
Women repeat accusations that Trump sexually harassed them
Delila James - Dec 13, 2017
Three women who have accused President Trump of unwanted sexual advances appeared on NBC's "Today" show with Megan Kelly Monday, saying it is time their allegations were taken seriously.
UN official investigating poverty in United States shocked by poor living conditions in rural Alabama
Rick Docksai - Dec 13, 2017
A United Nations official visiting rural Alabama said this week that he witnessed living conditions there worse than anything he has seen in a developed nation.
President signs directive for return to the Moon
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 13, 2017
Real issue is whether Congress will sufficiently fund the effort.
Sen. Susan Collins could be key swing vote on tax bill
Rick Docksai - Dec 13, 2017
A vote on the GOP's final, post-reconciliation is upcoming, and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) will not commit to voting for it until she sees specifically what it contains.