Trump's tweets about London bombing are not helpful, says UK prime minister

President Trump has again irked UK Prime Minister Teresa May with tweets about terrorism in the UK. May criticized Trump Friday for claiming on Twitter that London police already knew who the attackers were and that they weren't proactive about going after them.
By Joyce Clark | Sep 16, 2017
UK Prime Minister Teresa May reprimanded President Trump Friday for several tweets he made about this week's terrorist attack inside a London subway station. Trump's comments, which included claiming that London police already knew who was behind the attack but did not go after him, are "pure speculation" and not helpful.

The attack involved a bomb explosion that injured 29 people when it exploded in London's Parsons Green station injured 29 people. Trump tweeted that the suspects, whom he called "loser terrorists," had been "in the sights of Scotland Yard," although UK police have not released any information that would indicate this. Trump also cited the attack as evidence that his travel ban is necessary and that the United States and the United Kingdom have to be "proactive and nasty" in their approach to fighting the Islamic State.

May spoke for the first time Friday about the terrorist attack. When an audience member asked her about Trump's words, she answered with a rebuke of the U.S. president, saying: "I never think it's helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation."

The incident is the latest of several rough patches in U.S.-U.K. relations this year. In May, UK police temporarily suspended intelligence sharing with their U.S. counterparts after U.S. sources leaked details of the Manchester arena bombing to news media. And in June, Trump got into a Twitter feud with London Mayor Sadiq Khan by lambasting a call for calm that Khan had made in the wake of a London Bridge bomb attack.


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