Creator of Trump-CNN wrestling video apologizes

The Reddit user further denied advocating violence against the press in any way.
By Vicky Webb | Jul 05, 2017
The Reddit user who created the now notorious mock video of President Trump pummeling a man with a CNN logo for a head has posted an apology.

The video was originally posted without sound by a Reddit user going by the name of 'HanAssholeSolo.' He or she said the clip was meant to be satire and not intended to advocate violence against the press. They also apologized for past posts that were racist, antisemitic, and bigoted.

"I am not the person that the media portrays me to be in real life, I was trolling and posting things to get a reaction from the subs on reddit and never meant any of the hateful things I said in those posts," the Redditor wrote, as reported by BuzzFeed News. "I would never support any kind violence or actions against others simply for what they believe in, their religion, or the lifestyle they choose to have. Nor would I carry out any violence against anyone based upon that or support anyone who did."

The Reddit user further denied advocating violence against the press in any way.

"Our first amendment protects the press from things like violence, and we as American citizens should respect that even if the opinions of the press are not in line with our own," they said. "The meme was created purely as satire, it was not meant to be a call to violence against CNN or any other new affiliation."

The Redditor said posting extreme posts had become "an addiction," adding that the brouhaha over the video clip hijacked by President Trump is "an extreme wakeup call" for people to think before posting hateful memes online.


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