Bernie Sanders calls Hillary Clinton "I'm with her" slogan phony

Bernie Sanders (I, Vermont) complained about the Hillary Clinton slogan, "I'm with her," during her presidential campaign.
By Billy Kirk | Apr 18, 2017
Bernie Sanders (I, Vermont) complained aboutthe Hillary Clinton slogan, "I'm with her," during her presidential campaign.

In their new book,Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign, Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen (writers forThe Hill andSidewire respectively) break down the failed presidential campaign. According to Parnes and Allen, the Clinton campaign reached out to the Sanders team in September 2016 after she had defeated Sanders in the Democratic Primary under dubious circumstances. In these communications, the Clinton campaign shared a script they wanted the senator to record for a campaign commercial. In the recording, Sanders was supposed to criticize Republican nominee (now U.S. President) Donald Trump for his views on the economy and the reality of climate change on a global level.He would also advertise Clinton policies on health care, education, and minimum wages. The Clinton aides askedSanders to useher campaign slogan, "I'm with her." Sanders complained about the slogan.

"It's so phony!" exclaimed Sanders. "I don't want to say that."

The Clinton campaign decided not to run the commercial because many voters felt that Sanders was not genuine saying the slogan. They felt that Sanders was simply repeating a message from Clinton.
"People felt that it was him delivering his message, not Hillary's," said one Clinton aide familiar with the focus group responses. "People didn't feel that it was an authentic pitch for her and what she wanted to do. It even had some backlash in folks saying that he's not really supporting her."


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