Creationists want equal airtime on Cosmos

The State Column, Justin Beach | March 24, 2014

Creationists claim that they are being treated unfairly by Fox and National Geographic.

On Thursday, March 20, Danny Faulkner of Answers In Genesis and the Creation Museum appeared on “The Janet Mefferd Show” to criticize the Fox and National Geographic program “Cosmos: A Spacetime Journey” for not providing equal time to creationist ideas, according to Right Wing Watch.

The reboot of Carl Sagan’s 1980 PBS series, featuring astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, launched earlier this month to respectable ratings. To date it has covered a broad range of topics from the big bang to the formation of the Earth and the evolution of life.

On the night of the program’s debut, an Oklahoma Fox TV station faced considerable backlash when it cut a segment dealing with evolution from the program. The station claims that the incident was accidental and has apologized. Now creationists are lamenting the lack of equal time.

“I was struck in the first episode where [Tyson] talked about science and how, you know, all ideas are discussed, you know, everything is up for discussion –- it’s all on the table — and I thought to myself, ‘No, consideration of special creation is definitely not open for discussion, it would seem,'” Faulkner  said on “The Janet Mefferd Show.”

Although no official response was issued, host Neil deGrasse Tyson recently addressed the question of providing balance in science programming in a CNN interview.

“The media has to sort of come out of this ethos that I think was in principle a good one, but it doesn’t really apply in science. The principle was, whatever story you give, you have to give the opposing view. And then you can be viewed as balanced. You don’t talk about the spherical Earth with NASA, and then say let’s give equal time to the flat Earthers. Plus, science is not there for you to cherry pick,” Tyson said.

According to Mother Jones, creationists also take issue with the discussion of comets in last night’s 3rd episode of Cosmos.


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